Friday, May 11, 2012

it's 2012, after all

Sometimes I find myself sad. Sad, annoyed, even a little mad. What causes this? Well generally it could be anything but at the moment, it's people who do not own iPhone's. iPhone users, check me - you're text messaging a friend and you have the perfect emoticon to replace the word "beer" or express your excitement with an awesome smiley rather than a ":)" but you realize the Send button is not blue and this person has not yet joined 2012. Your text message conversation could have been so much more fun and engaging with the use of graphics but noooooo, Droid is hindering your ability to use your iPhone powers to the best of their ability.

The same thing goes for Twitter. Just yesterday, an "ex" (it wasn't all that serious) followed me on Pinterest. I found this to be hilarious. Pinterest, for most intents and purposes, is a powerful tool for the female gender. Maybe males can find use for it too but I would rather they just stay away and let us have our fun. In light of this development, I turned to Twitter. Post: "Ex just followed me on Pinterest. Could explain why things didn't work out... X X X" Now to the Droid eye, X X X is what you get (and no I'm not saying I found him at an adult book store). BUT to those of us in 2012, you would have seen: Post: "Ex just followed me on Pinterest. Could explain why things didn't work out..." followed by a picture of a watermelon, a cake and a rainbow. Put it together and you have: Fruitcake and a Rainbow.

Ok so in retrospect, it was sort of lame. I'm going to group text on my iPhone now. You probably wouldn't understand.

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Finally Here.

The night air is definitely beginning to have that crisp, Autumn feel. The sun is sinking into the horizon earlier and earlier each passing day. Small cities become ghost towns each Friday night as the bright lights beam down on the high school football fields. It's quickly approaching my favorite time of year.

This weekend, interstate travel will become increasingly difficult as the bulk of the state head East on I-40 with pompoms tucked in the truck, magnets on the doors and flags in the windows. The mission is simple - to congregate with friends who live in our neighborhood, attend the same church and whom we ran into at the grocery store just the other day all while enjoying some of the best traditions in the South. We will dress in our best shades of orange, ice down the cooler and head to our tailgates early enough to catch the Vol Walk and still be able to enjoy a few adult beverages and toss a little corn hole. We will get chills the first few times Rocky Top is played in our presence. Then just as we've made it to our seats - with all 100,000 of our best friends - we will sing Rocky Top in perfect harmony as our team rushes onto the field through the checkerboard endzone and Power T.

Ladies and Gentleman - It's Football Time in Tennessee! Happy game week and GO VOLS!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

lately in pics

Disclaimer - this is so random...

House: I've done a little updating. Really the only updating I've done since I've moved in. Pretty excited with how it turned out. (I don't have before pics handy but just know it's much better)

From brick red to Starkey Gray (Martha Stewart)

From a red and gold to Washed Denim (Martha Stewart)

Lovely new (to me), vintage dresser

Modes of Transportation: The next segment involves the interesting ways I've captured folks traveling this summer.

Beginning with this vehicle...

The writing says "Cashville's Finest Kandy P" with Hello Kitty on each side. Random.

Next we have these folk I captured at the river 4th of July weekend

Not your average Mule ride. Two seats in the back complete with a beach umbrella. Class.

And last but not least, these fellas...

That, my friends, is a guy pulling his son across an VERY busy intersection on his toy dinosaur


Only in my hood.

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Go America!

I think it is sort of sad that up until the weekend arrived, I simply looked forward to the extra day off work. I'll go ahead and venture to guess I'm not alone. I'm looking forward to time spent in Memphis with the Auntie - drinking, pooling, golfing, eating - and time spent with the family on the lake. Tuesday, I start my new job. My learning curve is crazy intense but I'm gonna survive.

Happy Fourth of July to all and I'm glad I live in this wonderful country, where everyone has opportunities to be who they want and do what they want. It's all about the choices we make. I'm also glad you live in this country, otherwise we wouldn't be friends! Be honest.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

backstreet's back.

When I received a text from a fellow KD asking me if I would like to go to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys (better known as NKOTBSB), my first question was how much? In hindsight, it made absolutely zero difference how much. After some convincing, I agreed to pay to go see boy bands on a Tuesday night. Best.Decision.Ever.

Now I know all the typical NKOTB songs - Right Stuff, Hanging Tough, Step by Step, etc. But I was hardcore BSB back in my prime, at the ripe young age of 13. Me and the cousin used to record (on VCR, of course) the music videos on TRL and learn the "dances" they did. And yes, I still remember though they've since changed their moves. And when I was 13, they were... older than 13. I wasn't so sure that they'd be able to bring it like my original BSB concert experience. Well, I was wrong. (Though I certainly don't remember all the pelvic thrusting at the last show. Their kids must be so proud!) No disappointment here however. Between the smooth harmonies and Donnie Wahlberg ripping his shirt off and strutting around the stage (hilarious!), I was one happy girl. I seriously smiled from the time they stepped on stage until the time I left Broadway after making the big girl decision to head to the house rather than live it up at Tootsies.

Another thing of note - I feel myself and Nick Carter have quite the kindred hearts when it comes to our dance moves. I typically do not grind on anything, much less the floor, while dancing so we'll exclude that but he's a NUT! I found myself thinking, "If I were on that stage, I would be running around like a crazy person and exaggerating each move in exactly the way he is!" I realize this is very extreme and I look REALLY ridiculous while dancing yet he makes girls scream (and cry). Take away? Stop dancing like an idiot. In public. With your friends around. They are making fun of you.

The whole gang...


Donnie...Again this was hilarious. I'm sure someone passed out in the building when he took his shirt off. My ears are still ringing.

Nick's super sweet dance moves...

BSB had on Orlando Magic unis except for Brian who wore a Rob Bironas Titans Jersey? Random, but he and two other Titans players were there at the show.

*** I did not do this show justice with this post. It was that good.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

worst blog post ever.

You know those times of the year at work when everything feels like it is about to come crashing down due to the hectic state all those around you are in? Well that just ended. Now I'm bored. It's funny to think how bored I used to be at work then how crazy busy it was and how much I enjoyed it and now it's back to boring.

Update on other things....
I'm glad to say I'll be attending Hangout Music Fest prior to an exciting trip to Savannah. I hope to wrap up the summer with a getaway to Destin. In between all that, I'll be broke :)

My grass is green! Thanks to the HORRIBLE storms this week. Bless you Alabama and parts of TN.

I still need a personal shopper.

I recently had skin cancer removed from my neck so me and SPF 30+ are new BFFs and tanning beds are a distant memory. Those things will get ya!

Wow, my life is boring! I'll be crying in my cube if anyone needs me... ;-) ....but on the brightside, it's MARGARITA THURSDAY!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleep to Dream

Do you ever wake up and think - "I'd give just about anything to not have to: leave bed, warm myself up after leaving bed, weigh, shower, brush teeth, moisturize, apply makeup, dry hair, straighten said hair, dress myself, grab lunch and keys and scoot out the door?" Oh really? Me too! This has been happening to me more lately than usual and I think I will contribute it the act of "Springing Forward." While I'm loving the sun shining when I get off work and being able to sit on the back porch and see GREEN grass, I think the dark mornings are taking their toll on my morning routine. I suppose it will get better in the near future.
I need opinions here. I've been looking for a bed, mainly just a head board, for quite awhile now. Maybe this will help my sleeping patterns. I've found two that are pretty fun. Tell me what you think...


I'm leaning towards Louis but only because it comes in black. Opinions matter :)

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!